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Delilah SILKY Onyx Black

Delilah SILKY Onyx Black

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Delilah is approximately 60" (152 cm) and has layered ends for a natural look. On a person over 6 feet tall this wig will still go below their knees! There is no short hair in the front, only bangs, making this our longest full wig. 

Comb with your fingers or wide-tooth comb, but understand this wig will require babysitting as it will tangle. This is a high maintenance wig. It is five feet long. We strongly suggest braiding or clasps, and a wide-tooth comb and detangling spray will help! Shorter hairs around the top of the wig are blended with the longer fibers to provide more coverage without excessive weight. We do not offer returns for this wig tangling. 

Long SILKY wigs may have some static. If this occurs, we recommend spraying with a static guard.

  • 23" cap before stretch
  • 1" round skin top
  • Our longest wig!
  • Very high-maintenance
  • Fewer fibers at the bottom due to its sheer length
  • Heat-resistant up to 350°F
  • 300-325°F recommended