Atlanta Customer Spotlight February 19th

For our third Black Atlanta based artist spotlight, we have the local sensation DJ Willy Wow, the incredibly talented makeup artist Titus Davis, and the heroic cosplayer and founder of Cosplay Your Way JaBarr Fox!


DJ Willy Wow: Celebrity DJ and the Founder of WOW! Kids Nation, LLC

"Since beginning in 2005, DJ Willy Wow has always found a way to mix learning and fun into his songs. In recent years he has found a way to share the powerful stories of some of the world’s greats Black influencers through award winning songs such as “MLK THAT WAY” and “Little Stevie”.

This Black History month he is excited to bring a full playlist that highlights the greatness of our Black legends, past and present —- including a new song about the G.OA.T.: Muhammad Ali."

To check out more of DJ Willy Wow's music visit

Costumes for "The Haunted House Party" styled by our rental department - email or call to ask about our rental selection!  

 Titus: Makeup artist

"My name is Joseph Titus I am an Atlanta, Georgia based makeup artist and body paint artist. I have been using this creative expression as my main profession for a little over eight years. As an artist I draw creative inspiration from all over the place. However when body painting I pull inspiration directly from the model. I like to spend time getting to know my model, I like to ask questions like favorite color, spirit animal, and life hardships. Questions like these not only break the ice but help to make the experience more personal and in turn the body paint is something that represents the models life and experience. Throughout the duration of my career I have held body painting titles such as Gwynnis Mosby Makeup Academy Body Paint 1st and 2nd place winner. As well as being assistant to Roberto Hernandez and Stephanie Anderson for Living Art America North American body painting competition. I have also worked on many movie sets and TV shows such as Syfy Network, Netflix Black Lightning, Bet Bigger, and Warner Brothers "Nice Guys". I have also used my creative artist tree to embark on a philanthropy journey partnering with positive impact Healthcare centers to use art as mental health care for people struggling with HIV and AIDS. As of now I plan on continuing to grow my business  ARTitus13LLC that I opened in 2017. I plan on working with amazing people and sharing my gifts of Art"


Barr Fox: Cosplayer and founder of Cosplay Your Way

Barr Foxx (JaBarr) is an award-winning cosplay model, television/film producer and influencer. His national brand, Cosplay Your Way, encourages individuals to cosplay without limits and choose desired characters regardless of race, size, age or gender, providing a platform to express the art of cosplay through imagery, fan-films, and live events.

To follow Barr on his social media, please visit

Check in next week for our fourth and final spotlight on black Atlanta based artists and local figures!