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"LAURA" - by Steven Hancock, Carrie Anne Hunt

Carrie Anne has been shopping with us for several years, and it has been a pleasure helping her with her makeup and costuming projects! Her most recent project, "LAURA", is currently raising funds over the next month for their film's production. The trial of Tom Dula (Dooley), who hung for the murder of Laura Foster, was the first highly-publicized crime of passion in American history, bringing national attention to the foothills of North Carolina. Tom Dooley was tried, convicted and executed for the crime, but to this day, the true circumstances of who actually killed Laura Foster remain a mystery. Based on the legendary tale from Appalachia, LAURA tells the story from the perspective of Laura Foster, the tragic figure at the heart of the legend.

To support the film "LAURA" visit them at Seed&Spark:

Our rental department provided the costumes for Laura Foster and Tom Dooley in the promotional trailer for "LAURA"