Atlanta Customer Spotlight February 26th

And to round out our Black Atlanta based artist spotlight we have the powerhouse behind the Ludacris Foundation Roberta Shields, our favorite TikTok sensation and cosplayer Jenoah Bush, and our very own makeup artist Pam!


Roberta Shields: President of The Ludacris Foundation

"Established in 2001, The Ludacris Foundation has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to support grass root organizations that work to help youth live their dreams. Roberta and the Ludacris Foundation work effectively with community leaders, politicians and school administrators to effect change on local, state and national levels. She has also formed strategic partnerships with corporations and organizations to better service communities at large. The programs and support of the foundation have impacted countless lives, with thousands of hours invested in hands-on service to youth and families. Throughout the vast majority of her life, Roberta has focused on developing, motivating, and effectively engaging people to live their dreams. Roberta believes, 'You visualize it, you'll realize it,' a creed which has proven to be a model of success for Roberta and her son Ludacris."

To learn more about the Ludacris Foundation, visit them at


Jenoah Bush: TikTok artist and Cosplayer

Jenoah is one of the young all-stars of Atlanta's cosplay scene. Despite not having Dragon-Con in 2020, Jenoah used Instagram and Tik-Tok to showcase his creative ideas. He's tapping into his talent and passion at a young age (parents take note) and making the fun pay off. Big things are in this guy's future. 


Pamela Pimpleton: Makeup Artist

Pamela Pimpleton is an amazing local makeup artist. She specializes primarily in beauty makeup but has also tried her hand with special effects.  She participated in the 2019 PMAC SFX makeup artist competition and placed 2nd.  She has done stints with Dior Cosmetics and is also the preferred makeup artist for Absolute Entertainment, a local event planning company.  To see some of her work visit her Instagram @letseatandmakeup


Thank you for letting us brag about our amazing customers! Having been in business nearly 30 years we know how important it is to support our community, especially during difficult times. So please take the time to share, support, and donate to some of these fabulous folks.


We will be returning again next week for another customer spotlight to show some of the fun projects we have been a part of over the last year. Check back in and don't forget to tag us on Instagram and Facebook @CostumesEtc.