Atlanta Customer Spotlight February 5th

Costumes, Etc. has been in business in Atlanta for nearly 30 years and we've had the chance to work with some of the city's best and brightest. While Black Lives Still Matter, even outside of Black History Month, we wanted to take this opportunity to showcase some of the Black Atlanta based creatives that make the job we do so much better. 

We will be posting a Black History Month customer spotlight every Friday in February. This week we have Gwynnis Mosby of the Gwynnis Mosby Makeup Artist Training Center, cosplayer/drag queen Dotte Com, and the winner of Drag Me King! King Perka $exxx!

Gwynnis Mosby: Makeup Artist and founder of the Gwynnis Mosby Makeup Artist Training Center

Gwynnis Mosby honed her craft over three decades of makeup artistry, working with Grammy & Billboard-charting musicians such as TLC, Jill Scott, Faith Evans, Toni Braxton, Monica, Tupac, and many more. In 2011 she opened the Gwynnis Mosby Makeup Artist Training Center which offers a comprehensive, hands-on education in all areas of professional makeup. Gwynnis goes beyond teaching the skills of makeup. She created the PMAC Expo (Atlanta's own professional makeup conference) as an environment for students to challenge themselves in competition, learn from mistakes, share skills and knowledge and network with some of the industry's premiere talent.

Not enough good things can be said for one of Atlanta's shining stars.

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Dotte Com: Cosplayer and Drag Queen

Dotte is a force of nature! She digitized her show Neon BLK to an online stream which helped support and showcase black trans performers.

"My name is Dotte Com and ever since the very beginning of my career as a drag queen, Costumes ETC has always come in clutch for whatever random yet specific items I need! I always try to incorporate cosplay elements into my drag. So you can either catch me at a convention or at a local bar! However, I've been doing my cosplay/drag thing on Twitch recently. As long as I'm cranking out new content, I'll be stopping in for... literally anything!"


King Perk: Drag King

Perka blends makeup artistry, pop culture and concept into an inspirational experience. He is one of Atlanta's most prolific digital performers.

"King Perka $exxx is an Atlanta based drag king who brings you comedy, social commentary, and dad jokes. During the quarantine he has pushed out 20+ digital drag videos and has been working on honing his make up skills. He hails from Haus of Eventual $uccess (H.O.E.$.). He also is the season 1 winner of Drag Me King! on YouTube. Be sure to stay up to date on his Instagram for his upcoming shows and, if you can, subscribe to his patreon to help fund his love of chicken wings."

 For this look, King Perk is rocking one of our Festival Sequin Top Hats 


Check in next week for our second spotlight on Black Atlanta based artists and local figures!