April Customer Spotlight - Upcoming Shows/Films

We can't believe it's already April, we're certainly excited about the warmer weather! Spring is always a fun time of year for our customers with school shows, photoshoots, and movie/TV filming throughout the city. While the staff at Costumes, ETC are still working hard to keep our staff and customers safe, and events will continue to look a bit different, we're excited for what Spring will bring!

For this month's customer spotlight we have a couple of phenomenal artists that we have had the pleasure of working with on their upcoming releases. 


Martin Noyes - Adventure Theater

Our in house makeup artist Jaye had a wonderful time working with Martin and his team for their Dungeons & Dragons inspired theatrical experience. 

"Adventure Theater is a new style of live entertainment combining roleplaying games and Improv for an interactive theatrical experience. The audience participates in helping create the story, playing the monsters, and rolling the 20 sided dice. New ideas and discoveries are made to push the story forward, to unknown and epic conclusion. The show is a long form Improv performed without a written script and no two shows are ever the same. Each night is the furthering of the story, as the audience watches to see what happens to the main characters. The main characters work as a team of adventurers solving, interacting and performing their parts to reveal the circumstances of the story."

For updates on upcoming events, visit them at

Instagram @theadventuretheater

Facebook: Adventure Theater LLC 


Ricky Jordan III - Endless Time Studios

Ricky reached out to us last year to style samurai inspired costumes for his film "Jikai". Our rental department collaborated with Ricky and his actor's to pull together looks for the film that would feel appropriate for the genre but still representative of each distinct character; Pása, Presé, and Futaro. It was such a pleasure collaborating with Endless Time Studios and we look forward to working with them in the future!

To see more about their work, and to be notified about the film's release visit them at

Instagram @endlesstimestudios

Facebook: Endless Time Studios


Barbara Zagrodnik - Five Crosses Productions

Barbara came to us in February to get a Marine uniform for promotional material for the limited series "Bravery in Action". This limited series follows the story of Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller and his career as a Marine. 

"Over the course of his military service, Chesty was awarded five Navy Crosses. These are awarded for acts of bravery in combat.  He is the only Marine to receive this distinction five times.  Each episode of the series will highlight the acts of heroism that lead to Chesty earning this great honor.  We begin with his early career in Haiti and Nicaragua, which shaped his approach to battle and developed his leadership skills that endeared him to his men.  Next, we display his relentless devotion to the Corps as he led instrumental campaigns in the Pacific during World War II.  Finally, the Frozen Chosin, where Chesty bravely lead his men out of a no-win situation."

This project is currently being crowdfunded on Seed&Spark. For more information and to support their project visit


Thanks for checking in with us, and don't forget to support local!

Stay safe,

The Crew at Costumes, ETC